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This week’s cover story on China’s billionaire Tiger Women is, of course, by the OG Tiger Mom herself: Amy Chua. Check out this cover!

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“I want to say something important to my fellow pro-life Republicans. If we are to limit the tragic number of abortions in this country, we are going to have to recognize that contraception prevents abortion. Contraception works. It protects women’s health, saves money, and decreases the number of abortions. I will fully fund Title X, which funds contraception.”

Wouldn’t it be crazy if Romney actually said this? You know, instead of this.

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News-Week February 17, 1933-  Volume I, Number I

Wow. Time flies.

Happy 79th birthday Newsweek!

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Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to Newsweek’s Oscar Roundtable!

My favorite issue, every single year. And this is when I reveal how much of a dork I am.

Yeah, this stuff’s pretty fun. Our three-medium attack: text, photos, and video. More to come on the NWK Tumblr, too.

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Our all-new, 100% refreshed iPad app is live in the App Store. These screenshots will give you a taste. Click here to go check it out! We’re all pretty psyched over here. Between this and the last edition, it’s like night and day. Trust us.

Oooooh, pretty. Congrats to the hard-working iPad team that pulled this off!

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Frontpage: Monday, Jan. 9th

  1. Pay Cuts For Wall Street: Wall Street’s dismal year is about to hit home for traders. The Wall Street Journal reports that compensation is likely to fall to its lowest level since the 2008 financial crisis. 
  2. Mitt Holds Huge Lead in NH: The primary is tomorrow, but candidates and some journalists are already heading to South Carolina. Roney’s polling at 35% in the state, with Ron Paul in second at 18%. 
  3. Gingrich Prepares Romney Salvo: While Romney may have New Hampshire locked up, Gingrich will be waiting in South Carolina with a $5 million ad painting Romney as a predatory capitalist. 
  4. Iran Sentences American to Death: Iran has announced that it will sentence American Amir Mirzaei Hekmati to death for espionage. Iran claims Hekmati, a former marine, was sent by the CIA. 
  5. NBC & Daily Beast Team Up for 2012: NBC News and Newsweek & The Daily Beast announced a collaboration for the upcoming 2012 election. The magazine and Web site will have access to NBC News’ deep bench of political reporters and video content, as well as opportunities to work with NBC at national debates. 

Photo: Mourners throw rice, as is tradition, while guards carry the coffin of a Syrian officer at a funeral procession in front of Al-Hassan mosque in Damascus. The slain officer was one of 11 killed during a suicide bombing on Friday. (Muzaffar Salman / AP Photo)

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From Newsweek’s collection, “The Year in Pictures 2011,” John Avlon talks about his favorite image: a powerful photo of New York’s 9/11 memorial.

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The week of Newsweek writers picking their favorite photos continues! Here’s Andrew Romano on the infamous “Situation Room” shot. 

The thing that always gets me about this image is the intimacy of it. The event itself is a geopolitical earthquake: the killing, finally, of Osama bin Laden. And yet the scale of Pete Souza’s photograph is so personal. Outside the frame, unseen, is the planet’s most wanted fugitive, with only seconds left to live; inside the frame, in full view, sits the planet’s most powerful man (and his most powerful associates) witnessing the raid in real time, when it could still go terribly wrong. (Check out Hillary Clinton’s eyes.) History can seem like a clash of titanic forces, far too vast to glimpse or grasp. But here it is, as it happens—to a handful of people clustered in a couple of tense, cramped rooms, half a world apart. Presidents, generals, even terrorists: they’re just like us.

Find your favorite in our Pictures of the Year issue. [Previously

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On newsstands Monday.

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Why do you think we’re hard-wired to spend money? In this week’s issue, we ask science for an explanation.

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As Tatum O’Neal pens our current “My Turn” column reflecting on childhood memories honoring recently deceased agent Sue Mengers, it seemed an opportune  time to unearth this fascinating cover story of the then 12-year old from February 9, 1976.

…My relationship with my dad is extremely precious.  Nobody in the world has a relationship like that.  Me and my dad- it has nothing to do with sex.  It’s not perverse.  Some people think like that because we’re too close.  People are weird…


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This week’s cover.

• The inside story of her extraordinary 2008 visit to Israel that led her to believe a peace deal was in sight.
• How she felt during Hurricane Katrina
• New details on her relationships with Rumsfeld, Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy.

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