12:11 PM, December 12th, 2012

Justice Antonin Scalia is in hot water after comparing laws against homosexuality to laws against murder (which he later walked back). But this isn’t the first time he’s sparked controversy on the subject.

Back in 2004, Scalia was participating in a panel discussion at NYU Law School when the subject of his famously scathing dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, a case about laws criminalizing sodomy (Scalia wrote in dissent, i.e. for keeping anti-sodomy laws legal) came up.

When the time came for audience questions, a student named Eric Berndt stood up in the packed auditorium and pressed Scalia to explain his dissent, particularly his opinion as to whether it was constitutional for the government to peer into the bedrooms of consenting adults and punish them for what goes on in there. When Scalia did not answer to the student’s satisfaction, Berndt asked him, “Do you sodomize your wife?”

And Scalia was all like…

(Photo: Jessica Hill / AP Photo)

6:15 PM, February 2nd, 2012


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