3:36 PM, October 30th, 2012


Mother Nature apologizes for Sandy’s wrath with an amazing double rainbow display over New York.

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1:46 PM, February 8th, 2011

Joao Silva, the 44-year-old New York Times photographer who lost both legs in an IED blast in Afghanistan, is walking again.

“The therapist fitted my legs and asked me if I’d like to walk,” Mr. Silva said. “So off I went. Must have walked up and down that ramp 20 times. Could not get enough of it.”


1:10 PM, January 11th, 2011
A good friend of mine was involved in a cycling accident. Truck cut him off, nearly ran over him, his head struck the vehicle and the pavement. He was in critical condition. The doctors did a very similar procedure: removed a good portion of the skull, and allowed his brain a chance to recover from the swelling caused by the accident. He eventually regained consciousness but lost the sight in one eye and hearing in one ear. He was fortunate to survive. He’s made a pretty good recovery since then; a few weeks ago, he ran in two marathons. Recovery is possible from these sorts of accidents, but I think it depends on how invasive the brain injury was. Giffords could have some serious mental/physical impairment — or even personality changes. But I’ve seen miracles happen, so don’t count her out. The best thing for her would be to have her friends and family take shifts at the hospital, and support her night and day. She’s going to need that kind of encouragement and support.
Commenter tomcat2010, on a story about Gabrielle Giffords’ current condition
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