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Ten years ago, this could have been done and no one would have figured out about it. Social media makes work easier to steal—but it also makes the people who take it more accountable.

When DKNY mistakenly used some of Brandon Stanton’s (a.k.a. Humans of New York) photographs in a store display in Bangkok without his permission, Stanton found out thanks to a fan. Stanton asked for the company to donate $100,000 to the YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The company has apologized and agreed to give $25,000. 

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1:03 PM, February 13th, 2013

Poland Spring finally gets in on its big social media moment with this Facebook post. Caption: “Reflecting on our cameo. What a night!” 

2:48 PM, November 29th, 2012


The UN’s official account tweeted this out today. The tweet stayed up for over half an hour. (We’re pretty sure they meant “two” state solution.)

Oops (corrected tweet)

11:57 AM, May 22nd, 2012
Social media was very good at short-term mobilization that removed Ben Ali, Mubarak, and others. But organization-building takes more than that, and the liberals in Egypt didn’t move on to that stage.
Francis Fukuyama in our live chat. If you hurry you can still get a question in. Also, read his op-ed from yesterday on how the Facebook revolution of the Arab Spring has failed to deliver lasting political change
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Has Tumblr Made Hillary Clinton a Presidential Frontrunner?

Read: Engage

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But here’s where my cynicism has since given way to some awe: the ploy worked. Call them “slacktivists” all you want, rip on all those people who made #stopkony trend on Twitter, lambaste them for not really knowing a thing about what’s happening in Uganda. But they really did accomplish something. They got Congress to pass a joint resolution condemning Kony, and a few days after that, they got the African Union to agree to send in 5,000 troops to hunt for the guy.
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It’s time for some online activism. Who’s with us? HELP US FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

Kansas, the home of Dr. Tiller, is trying to pass some of the most restrictive anti-choice legislation in the country with the bill, HB2598.

People have taken to FB and Twitter to let Governor Sam Brownback, a staunch no-exceptions-even-in-cases-of-rape anti-choicer, know that they are NOT happy about this. They are leaving messages asking questions about reproduction, giving statuses on their menstrual cycle, and making general inquiries about their bodies.


Brownback is scrubbing his FB page as quickly as he can but we can make that job nearly impossible. 

Brownback’s Facebook page.

Brownback’s Twitter: @GovSamBrownback. If you take the fight to Twitter, please use hashtag: #mybodyyourchoice so we can see all the responses (use that hashtag no matter which anti-choicer you are tweeting at, in fact).

You can also call Brownback’s office at 877-579-6757 or 785-296-3232. 

Or you can send him an official message through his contact page.



Let’s do this!


This is great and the questions are hilarious!!!

Do. It. 

I did. 

lol - i love it.

even if you don’t do it, go and look at the comments. fantastic.

This is amazing.

I love this kind of trolling. 

I’m sure most of you have seen this already but if you haven’t go check it out. It’s hilarious AND a great idea. Get on it!

As you may suspect, there are a bunch more good ones

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Word Cloud of the Day: Last week, we made word clouds out of our Facebook fans’ one-word descriptors for the four GOP candidates. Subsequently, we got a few calls for us to give Obama the same treatment, so yesterday we asked the same question to our Facebook fans: to describe Barack Obama in one word. Here’s the resulting word cloud

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In which your tumblr talks about social media’s role in gathering information around today’s tragic shooting at Ohio’s Chardon High School.

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We gathered some tweets from students at Chardon High School, scene of a school shooting that left one dead and four injured earlier this morning.

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“Twitter Inc. has acknowledged that after mobile users tap the “Find friends” feature on its smartphone app, the company downloads users’ entire address book, including names, email addresses and phone numbers, and keeps the data on its servers for 18 months.

The company also said it plans to update its apps to clarify that user contacts are being transmitted and stored. The company’s current privacy policy does not explicitly disclose that Twitter downloads and stores user address books.”

Read more on the LA Times: Twitter stores full iPhone contact list for 18 months, after scan.

Sounds like Path was only the tip of the iceberg on this whole privacy thing.

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Having too many Facebook friends can make you depressed


  • 354Facebook friends ought to be your limit source

» There’s nothing wrong with denying that friend request: A recent study presented at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology meeting asked a group of participants to check their friend’s status updates. After doing so, they rated their lives as “much less satisfying” than a group that didn’t check their news feed. They looked at how many friends the users had, and found that 354 friends was roughly the point at which reading status updates started making them sad. The theory is that status updates often paint a disproportionately positive picture of peoples’ lives. Readers of said updates compare their own lives to those represented in status updates, and figure that they’re having a lot less fun than everybody else. The solution, then, is to either clean up your friends list, or become befriend a bunch of depressed misanthropes.

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