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We’re already getting some great summer/heat wave photos from you guys, our awesome followers! Keep ‘em coming!

Email yours to dailybeastsubmit@gmail.com and we’ll run the best of them in a gallery on the site. (Our original call for submissions is here.)

(Photo by Leanne Avellino)

4:47 PM, June 8th, 2012


Remembering “Alien” And Anticipating “Prometheus”

Sprung from the gelatinous innards of an obscene egg on some far-off planet, a hideous, squidlike thing leaps onto the startled face of a hapless astronaut. Yuck!  What could be more basic than “Alien”? A crew of space travelers on a commercial mission picks up a strange organism on a remote planet and brings it aboard ship, where it disappears, metamorphoses and proceeds to eat our heroes one by one. 

Newsweek June 18, 1979

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21 Teen Soaps To Stream This Summer* | BuzzFeed

*plus a convenient viewing guide to help plan your TV marathon of choice.


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