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Has ‘Homeland’ jumped the shark this season? We don’t think so, but we’re open to your opinions… 

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Hank and Marie react to Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance (idea credit).

That’s it. That’s as good as it’s all going to get.


There was a lot on TV last night! Choose your recap wisely!

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The concept is simple, nonsensical, and utterly genius. “No food. No water. No clothes,” a booming narrator warns during the opening credits. “Can a man and woman survive alone in the wilderness naked and afraid?” It’s Man vs. Wild, but there’s a man and a woman. And they are, for no reason and every reason, buck naked. Buck naked in the jungles of Costa Rica. Bare-ass in the Tanzanian Serengeti. The goal—and it’s just that, a goal, as there is no prize for completing the mission—is to survive 21 days in the wilderness together. Naked.
We did it. We found the craziest show on TV
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There was this—I won’t say too much—but this smoking scene that happens with Lucille, where Buster is asked to do something that no man should ever have to do.
We talked to Tony Hale (Buster to fans) about the upcoming season of ‘Arrested Development’ and it sounds pretty great
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Can we trust Zoe Barnes knowing that she’s a… a… double-spacer? (h/t @bzcohen)

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21 Teen Soaps To Stream This Summer* | BuzzFeed

*plus a convenient viewing guide to help plan your TV marathon of choice.


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Watch: Wes Anderson’s Hyundai Commercials | /Film

With another through the link.

OMG, I should have known!

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