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Other things you could have done in the time it took Clinton to deliver his speech:

  • Walk from one side of Charlotte to the other
  • Get through half a game of Settlers of Catan
  • Microwave and eat a pack of hotdogs, one at a time
  • Metabolize one beer
  • Get halfway through a sleep cycle
  • Read 12 pages of Proust
  • Watch Gangnam Style 11 times
  • Learn esperanto

- Jason

But then how long would it take me to metabolize this whole pack of microwaved hot dogs?

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Guys, I think we’ve spent too much time online. 

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Something cool to check out


Lots of people tag their posts with a year:

Reply with some good ones!


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TIME’s 2011 Person of the Year is The Protester

An obvious choice. But a great one.

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You will never see me in a nude scene. Then there’s no mystery for my private life.
Lindsay Lohan, 2005. Sigh.
2:03 PM, May 5th, 2011
Both of us have covers that wipe him out in a way and one is light, one is dark and both I think are strong indications of how illustration works. I’m about the enter the witness protection program as I assume you are. I’ll see you on the other side. I have the blonde hair.
Tim O’Brien, designer of TIME’s Osama bin Laden cover, in a comment on Edel Rodriguez’s blog, where the latter details how he painted Newsweek’s Osama bin Laden cover.

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