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Tina Brown shoot for Arrive Magazine’s upcoming feature on @WomenInWorld summit. Mag in trains March 1st! (Taken with instagram)

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Happy Birthday, Tina!

Two quite contradictory Tinas reside within Brown. The first is assertive, seductive, a fine writer with a good sense of humor and an advanced sense of mischief: the iconoclast who changed the Tatler of London from a limping dowager to a flash-dancing party girl, the beauty who married the rakish Harold Evans, editor first of The Sunday Times and then The Times of London. This Tina is fiery, a gambler. The other Tina is distant, icy in her reckonings: a no-sparks operator who believes “we are here to make friends in our lives, rather than enemies.” The two Tinas operate in tandem, impressing some, terrifying others. Together, they have equipped Brown to be what she really is: a brilliant double agent — a perfect spy.

Newsweek May 1, 1989

Happy birthday, TB!

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Look who stopped by the office today.

5:18 PM, June 21st, 2011
@TheTinaBeast and @carmeloanthony at the Armani show. “6ft 8in means small talk not easy!”

@TheTinaBeast and @carmeloanthony at the Armani show. “6ft 8in means small talk not easy!”

10:50 AM, May 6th, 2011
Kathy says, ‘Don’t come here unless you’re balls to the wall!’ So now we call it ‘B to the W!’ We say, ‘Is he B to the W?’ Because otherwise someone comes in and says, ‘Well, two days a week I have to teach at N.Y.U… .’ And we say, ‘Not B to the W!’
What can we say? B to the W.
9:36 AM, April 28th, 2011

@TheTinaBeast will be tweeting from the Royal Wedding. Follow her and get ready for the mania.

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