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Lots of people tag their posts with a year:

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Has pretty much been my dreams for the past 48 hours.

This is what I want my cubicle to be. 


Has pretty much been my dreams for the past 48 hours.

This is what I want my cubicle to be. 

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Amy Poehler on Tumblr.

How great are gifs?

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The site now hosts about 53 million blogs, which include teenage diary-type opining, video clips from aspiring auteurs, and many, many pictures of cats.

Rebecca Dana, Newsweek, “Tumblr’s Growing Pains” (via anarchyforsale)


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DEVELOPING: “Karp just announced that the Featured spot on the Tumblr dashboard is going up for sale to advertisers.”

Looks like ads are finally coming to Tumblr in at least one form. [h/t @rossneumann]

So what about all the people who don’t use the Tumblr dash but instead visit Tumblr sites? Will they see ads? 

No! At least, not from Tumblr—any Tumblr blog is free to put whatever advertising they want on their own space. 

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z pictured above composing the Tumblr image post below. They could trip a referee.

Stars! They’re just like every tumblr user us

Definition of meta, no?

*head explodes*

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"Text From Hillary" ends after single awesome week



It’s been an overwhelming—and hilarious—week for us here at Texts from Hillary (TFH). What started as a joke at the bar between two friends turned into a national conversation about Secretary Clinton and went as far as talks about 2016.

After a week that included 32 posts, 83,000 shares on Facebook, 8,400 Twitter followers, over 45K Tumblr followers, news stories around the world, Renee Montagne from Morning Edition saying “ROFL,” a Maureen Dowd column, and a tweet from ?uest Love, we think it’s time to stop while we are ahead.

As far as memes go – it has gone as far as it can go. Is it really possible to top a submission from the Secretary herself? No. But then when you get to text with her in real life – it’s just over. At least for us. But we have no doubt it will live on with all of you on the Internet.

The site will stay up but we won’t be posting anything new here. You can follow us on Twitter (@ASmith83, @Sllambe) and Tumblr (Stacy at ImWithKanye and Adam’s work account, Public Campaign Action Fund).

Thanks for all the LOLz. We truly appreciate all the support.

It turns out that memes really do come true.

-Stacy and Adam

Happy to see that they went out on top.

Well played. 

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So, so cool. Way to, Adam and Stacy.


Not that you needed any further proof of how amazing Hillary Clinton is. This is why I adore her.

The Secretary of State of Cool.

In other political news…

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Has Tumblr Made Hillary Clinton a Presidential Frontrunner?

Read: Engage

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Why does FOX News want to take the username “F—kYeahFoxNews” away from me?


Wow. This could go in all sorts of directions. 

Update: One astute follower notes that the above email is dated June 10th, 2011. Womp womp. 

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Someone’s already managed to hack the #Tumblr highlight feature.

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