11:02 AM, December 6th, 2013


Deep freeze covers large portion of the U.S. as snow and ice wreak havoc

Details: http://nbcnews.to/18pSYXh l Map: The Weather Channel

From -25 to 80!

1:47 PM, August 7th, 2013

Why it took so long for humanity to create a weather app with cats on it we have no idea BUT HERE IT IS.

2:06 PM, October 30th, 2012


The Path of Hurricane Sandy: New York & New Jersey

High winds, heavy rains, extreme tides, and even snow, the “Frankenstorm” crippled the East Coast, delivering an especially powerful punch to New York City. Millions were left without power, streets and tunnels were flooded, the city’s 108-year-old subway system was brought to its knees, and over 30 deaths along the East Coast have been attributed to the storm. The Daily Beast takes a look at the storm and its aftermath on its course from the Carribean through the East Coast.

Stay safe out there today. 

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Isaac doesn’t appear to be a Republican, and not only because it presents on the weather map as a throbbing purple penis surrounded by a rainbow.” 

9:30 AM, July 19th, 2012

It may be raining in New York City, but the Midwest is suffering from a devastating drought. More photos

(Photo: Daniel Acker, Bloomberg / Getty Images) 

10:33 AM, June 30th, 2012

Pinterest, Instagram Knocked Out, Daily Beast Experiences Delays.

A Washington, D.C.-area storm that left more than a million people without electricity on Saturday also kept customers from documenting their powerless woes in sepia tones. According to Forbes, the severe thunderstorms that whipped around the nation’s capital tearing out power lines also took down a major Amazon cloud computing location in North Virginia. The popular photo-sharing service Instagram temporarily went down, as did Pinterest and Netflix. The Daily Beast also experienced difficulties on Saturday morning due to damage caused by the storm, and was working to restore updates to its homepage as of 10am.

Photo: Mandel Ngan, AFP / Getty Images
8:55 AM, June 30th, 2012

7 Die in Severe Weather: Power Knocked Out for Millions

Raging storms swept the Washington, DC area on Friday night, claiming two lives and knocking out electricity for more than 2 million residents. Earlier in the day, five people in Tennessee and Missouri are thought to have died from the stifling heat. Governor Ray Tomblin of West Virginia declared a state of emergency, saying “the damage from today’s storms is widespread and in many places severe.” Officials were investigating the deaths in Tennessee and Missouri, including that of a baby and two young boys, to determine if they were related to the heat.

Read more at MSNBC

Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast / AP Photo

12:00 PM, September 1st, 2011

Three times normal rainfall in the Ohio Valley combined with melting snowpack caused historical flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries in this record-setting year of billion-dollar weather-related disasters. FEMA and insurance companies are going to be hard-pressed to cover these disasters, as extreme weather continues to get more extreme. 

10:24 AM, August 25th, 2011

Hurricane Irene is barreling its way towards us in New York right now. Our second natural disaster of the week!

3:40 PM, July 7th, 2011

It’s…The Nothing. Who knew the Childlike Empress lives in Phoenix? But seriously. Dust storms! Wow. We collected a handful of video and photographs off the wires—you can see those here. Have you ever been in or near one of these in real life? [via Reddit]

9:47 AM, July 6th, 2011

Watch video of the 50-mile-wide dust storm that blew through Phoenix. Winds reached up to 60 miles per hour, and are expected to go on for several days.

10:10 AM, June 2nd, 2011


Severe weather hits across Massachusetts

- Tornadoes tore through Western and Central Massachusetts Wednesday, killing at least four people, injuring an untold number, and reducing schools, churches, and homes to splinters along its destructive path. (53 photos.)

We’re collecting raw video and photos of the damage again with Storify.

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