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This is the problem with the Facebook “like” button.

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…And now on video! Flavor Flav goes planking; high-fives giddy Newsbeast staffers. Flav says: buy his book. Newsbeast says: —er, Newsbeast is still speechless. #starstruckbyplankingrappers

Flavor Flav in action.

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"The global craze for lying down and being photographed."

Thanks to Twelve Foxes for answering our call for planking photos. What the hell is planking, you ask? We answer.

10:29 AM, May 23rd, 2011

"We were moments away from making the journey when we received a call from police to say it was a stuffed toy,” says an employee of a nearby zoo, who helped prepare the tranquilizer-dart team.

(Source: BBC)

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200 Cows Found Dead in Wisconsin

It’s not just the birds anymore: A herd of 200 cows fell ill and died suddenly in central Wisconsin. A local veterinarian says the steers appear to have contracted a respiratory virus. The illness, which began to spread through the herd starting early last week, killed the animals within 12 hours.

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